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We believe in Sinan that what has been achieved in a short period of work is the result of the trust of customers in the company and this is the most important for the company.


Participate in the development of sustainable development concepts and products of the real estate market.


In choosing the best ways to invest and develop real estate assets to achieve the best financial returns.


With strategic partners in the retail, automotive, food and catering sectors, the company is keen to meet their needs and meet them through outstanding projects.

Al Khobar

On the Prince Turki Road in Al Khobar, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods, Sinan has added a distinctive touch through its 5 commercial buildings with an area of 14600 m2, 37 commercial showrooms, unique architectural style and a 7,500-foot walk, Alawiya, Showrooms and Events, and in partnership with one of the best design companies in the Kingdom Abdul Mohsen Al Dhayab Office and its partners, Sinan is proud to present this project to Al Khobar City, its residents and visitors.


I Mall

On the North Ring Road and in the most prestigious neighborhoods of Riyadh (Al-Nakheel District), the mall is designed to give a touch of luxury to the beauty of the design and to high heights topped by the finest brands (Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi) And to give a beautiful experience to fans of these pandas where they meet under one roof. It is not a coincidence that this place is chosen by those partners, but for the beauty and effectiveness of the design, the uniqueness of the site and the quality of the implementation.



In the commercial center of Riyadh, just steps away from the Kingdom Tower, the Moore building is beautifully designed and decorated to provide a fantastic addition. It offers 14 boutique boutiques and 37 spacious office space to serve various business activities with a full vaulted lobby.


Al Rimal Compound

In Al-Rimal neighborhood in Riyadh and in Al-Thamamah entertainment area, the Sands Companion, developed by Sinan in partnership with Adex in the form of a 5-star resort and on an area of 50000 m2 and with buildings of more than 100,000 m2 and 85 different housing units from villas to villas, The best and finest in the city of Riyadh in terms of design and quality of implementation and the availability of public spaces and service facilities of the population.


King Abdullah Road Hotel

On the King Abdullah Road in Al-Raed neighborhood opposite King Saud University. The project, which consists of 91 5-star hotel apartments with halls, halls and mixed-use shops, offers a unique experience for Riyadh City and its visitors. The Greatest Hilton in the Kingdom.

king abdalla hotel

As Suwaidi

Suwaidi 3
Suwaidi 2

Al Khobar Podium

Al Khobar

Batha Quraysh

In Makkah and 4 km from the Holy Mosque, Al Batha Plaza is located in the Bataha Quraish neighborhood and in partnership with the Centrwide Engineering Office. Over 200 meters, 42 serviced halls and 55 use offices, the project is expected to be completed In the third quarter of 2018.

Batha Quraysh

Talal Al Malaqa

Talal Al Malaqa1
Talal Al Malaqa2

Elrays Tower

Elrays Tower1
Elrays Tower2

King Fahad Road Project

On an area of 20 thousand meters and on the King Fahd Road in Riyadh, Sinan is making arrangements to launch its largest development project, which consists of 3 towers of various heights and uses with commercial boutiques, office villas, residential hotel apartments and building areas exceeding 80 thousand meters. The project to leave a distinctive mark especially with the distinction of the site and its occurrence in a vital area and 300 meters on the main street.

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